CBD Family Privacy Policy

Lifelina LTD: EU General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice is designed to inform you of how Lifelina LTD are enacting and complying with GDPR legislation.

Beyond a basic overview of the legislation itself, this document provides insight into Lifelina LTD’s interaction with your data, our processes and our policies, as well as useful contact information for any enquiries. This document details:

– The type of data which we may hold

– The sources of the data which we may hold

– The way in which data may be used

– The way in which data may be stored and managed

– Our policy on the sharing of data

– Our policy on the retention of data

– Details on Marketing Communications

– Relevant contact details for GDPR enquiries

GDPR: The Rights of EU Citizens. As of 25th May 2018, all EU citizens have the following rights regarding the management of their information:

    • The right to be informed on how their data is processed
    • The right to request their data
    • The right to correct and update their data
    • The right to request the transfer of their data
  • The right to request that their data is erased from an organisation’s database

Data held by Lifelina LTD

    • Identity Data
    • Contact Names
    • Contact Data
    • Contact Numbers
    • Email Addresses
    • Postal Addresses
    • Company Name
    • Department Name
    • Job Title
    • Customer Data
  • Details of previous and current enquiries and sales from Lifelina LTD

Use of Data held by Lifelina LTD

Ways in which Lifelina LTD will use the data of contacts:

    • Transactional
    • Process enquiries
    • Manage Sales
    • Collate feedback
    • Overall customer management and communication
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Dissemination of information on our range of products and services
    • Financial Record Keeping
    • Payments received monitored for financial, tax and company planning reasons
    • Market Research and Internal Review
  • Assessment of data to inform company strategy

Payment details WILL NOT be saved – e.g. bank account numbers, card payment details etc.

Storage, Management, Sharing and Retention of Data held by Lifelina LTD

Data gathered and held by Lifelina LTD is stored within a password-protected system with limited access

No transient or casual staff have access to the data of contacts

No personal information will be shared with external third parties unless we have explicit consent to do this

Unless contacts request otherwise, Lifelina LTD will retain contact data for as long as the information is deemed essential, potentially useful or potentially relevant and in accordance with record keeping legal obligations such as tax regulations.

An important element of the GDPR legislation is the prerequisite that all non-transactional emails require consent in advance. In practice, this means that Lifelina LTD will be unable to distribute electronic communications which broadcast our range of products and services, unless this information is requested or unless prior approval has been given in order to do this.

Advice and more Information

If you would like to read more on the nature of the General Data Protection Regulation legislation from a consumer perspective, please follow this link to the Which? Consumer Rights website: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/general-data-protectionregulation-gdpr.

Please contact [email protected] if you wish to request data we currently hold on you, to update our records, or to request that your data be deleted.